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The production value of any film or video is greatly enhanced by color correction. Below are examples from a DVD special feature where color correction was added to improve the overall image quality.

Here's the uncorrected footage. This was shot on miniDV, so we are dealing with a limited color space. The sky is clipping at 110 IRE and the overall look is washed out.

The situation involved a common problem facing many productions. The idea of the shot was to have the sun in the background painting the sky with beautiful sunset colors. Unfortunately the day was overcast, and as often happens, time and resources were short. The sky needed to be overexposed to get proper exposure on the talent's face.

Play a short sample split screen of the before and after correction.

The biggest change occurs with simple color correction applied where contrast is added back into the shot. The winter afternoon creates a very cold feel to everything, so we pulled out some of the bluish tint to add warmth back into the shot.

To bring back the original idea of the shot -  the sunset providing a beautiful backlight - a very mild filter was applied to add highlights to the talent's hair, as well as along the mane of the horse.

Here's the uncorrected and corrected shot

side-by-side.  Click on the picture to play a 10 second clip.

Requires Quicktime 7

Click on picture to play clipColor_Clip.html

Shot with No Correction

Color Corrected

Filter Added

Before and After Clip

The previous shot looks great and is ready to go. However, the director wanted to make a more dramatic statement and really add some richness to the final shot. So we added a gaussian blur in composite mode.

A Dramatic Enhancement